This project has been a long time coming and while Lindsay and I had an idea of how we thought it might play out, this week turned out to be full of surprises.

One thing to keep in mind about webcomics is it can take a while for the story to feel settled and established. There is a lot of rich history in my mind about the world we are building. I have been dreaming of the environment and some of these characters in this story since 2008. One of the interesting things about the difference between the story in my imagination and on paper is that when it came time to launch this site, the project had a new name, a new lead character and the major conflict motivating that character had changed form as well. All of these differences helped to give me insight to what I feel is a more natural way to introduce everything to you, the readers, while making the past eleven years still feel somewhat fresh to me. It is very exciting.

The early parts of this comic are all about the set up. Once November hits we will continue to meet new characters and see a different part of the world. December will have even more new elements and the ones we have become familiar with by then will all start mixing.

I plan on settling in here for the long haul. To quote Futurama- “Welcome swingers. Pull up a grove and get fabulous.” Get comfortable. Leave comments, make suggestions and speak up. One of the biggest challenges I had to face before returning to webcomics was being ok with all the imperfections. I’m here to accept myself and the work. I’m here to make progress. I’m here to change. I am here because there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

I’m looking forward to growing together, friends. See you on Monday. Thank you for a great week, the support and encouragement.

More soon. -Nick