Today is Gummy’s first full day home in a while. Since her surgery on Monday we have been taking her in first thing every morning since the vet does not offer overnight care.

This morning we went in like usual but once she was checked in and her condition recorded, we headed home. We should have a biopsy report tomorrow or Monday. Once we hear something she will be getting a tailored antibiotic. Her feline leukemia and FIV seem to be blocking the few antibiotics we’ve tried from clearing up her infection over the past month. An ultrasound revealed a trouble spot on her intestines a couple of weeks ago so we finally were able to zero in on a lead as to what could be causing her fever.

She received a total of 18 staples on her belly so things have been extremely delicate. This morning the vet gave us the go ahead to let her roam and start getting back to normal at home. Luckily she has no interest in messing around with her staples. Currently she’s on antibiotics, pain killers and she gets an anti inflammatory every couple of days. The anti inflammatory has been the best temporary relief for the fever. Gummy also gets an appetite stimulant.

We’re doing everything we can to keep her comfortable. Hopefully some good news is just around the corner.

Thanks for the support and well wishes. I’ll update this post when we get some news. She’s eating and drinking today while she decompresses at home. We couldn’t ask for much more with everything that’s been going on lately. It is good to see her.


Edit 11/11/19:

This morning I took Gummers to the vet to get her staples out. It’s been nine days since she’s had a fever. She’s playing and pretty much back to her old routine. She’s got another couple of weeks of antibiotics and then hopefully her fever will remain gone. We have no answers as to why she was sick for so long which is frustrating but we are happy for now. That’s all that matters. Thanks again for all the well wishes. Seems like she’s on the mend.