I came upon this goofy ass selfie this morning. It is from January 2008. I bring it up because over my shoulder on the table is the skeleton structure of the story we are telling today. Here in November 2019 nothing looks like it did back then. After getting through our first month here on the site it is interesting settling in with the new skin. I’ll have to do a deep dive of my sketchbooks from over the years and see if I can do a side by side comparison of a then and now. I might even still have the page in the picture above. There is a lot I held on to over the years but I can’t say I revisit much of it physically. I’m still ironing out the things that are most present in my mind.

As we begin chapter two on Monday it will be full of characters that are new for you and me both. I’m excited to get to explore them together. I am still thumb nailing and inking a lot of that stuff but summaries are written. Lindsay and I are stoked. November is action packed. Thanks for growing with us here. Giving life to all of these old sketches and memories has been invigorating. See ya’ll on Monday.