This weekend we launched our fall tee and and hoodie preorder featuring three classic pin designs. The terrapin ghost, slave and the burger ghost! These designs are available in short and long sleeve tees, pullover hoodies and zip-up hoodies. The preorder will remain open until Sunday November 24th and I will be submitting everything to begin production on Monday the 25th. As of right now there is no way of knowing if these will be delivered in time for Christmas so please keep that in mind when ordering. We will be doing our best to get everything out in a timely manner however.

These garments are discharge printed on alstyle and independent tees and hoodies. They are true to size I’ve found and are very soft and durable. They hold up in the wash quite well too. If you took part in our last two Cherry Moth Cake preorders these will match the quality and style. Those were Hambone, Wu-Krang, Ghost Eye and Donut Ghost.

You can visit the shop here to see more pics and place an order.