When you fall in love with a design, you want to share it. The art becomes an evolving story with each exchange. Your experiences are cherished and celebrated. It becomes part of you. Lindsay and I have spent many fortunate years feeling this with you. Much like water, it has become an element of our everyday life. We have decided to open up a TeePublic shop to keep the flow going. A lot characters and designs that were only available in preorders are now readily available for the foreseeable future. As far as collectibility is concerned, the garments and accessories offered here will be different. It is not the same printing process or materials as the limited edition items that we have previously released. The TeePublic shop also introduces products we have not made before like phone cases, for example.

When it comes to sublimated and screened specialty items like we have released in the past, I am looking forward to leaning on what makes those garments special to create new dynamic releases with those same companies moving forward. Those will continue outside of TeePublic in our regular home base CherryMothCake.com.

More soon. Take care ya’ll.