About The Comic

Aqueous Meditation is a cosmic horror fantasy.

Oha The Mediation Ghost is on a quest to collect the necessary pieces to save a dying world at the request of the spirit of an elder witch named Irsa.

Along the way he must find and protect six other ghosts who all are also a part of the solution to save the universe from a cosmic threat.

Vargas, a warlock and the widower to Irsa is possessed by three evil spirits that want to see the world crumble at the coming of an ancient being called the Soul Gorger.

As the days pass, the world deteriorates a little more, and the evil forces circling it descend into the planet and inhabit the creatures that occupy it.

About The Artists

Nick and Lindsay DiFabbio are two weirdos from Baltimore who love horror, fantasy, toys, comics and everything in between. Nick is by trade an illustrator, Lindsay is a toymaker and together they are the team behind Aqueous Meditation, a comic about a world that’s been building inside Nick’s head for over a decade.

The DiFabbios also run Cherry Moth Cake, making enamel pins, apparel, prints, toys and more all based on Nick’s illustrative works. You can see Nick’s art in The Art of Nick DiFabbio on Facebook, on his instagram @ghostfreehood, and some of the Difabbios’ collaborative pieces on instagram @cherrymothcake. They also travel doing pop-ups, conventions and gallery events.

Contact: difaborders@gmail.com